Namaste's opening meeting featuring students from 3 continents!

Trevecca’s International Students’ Club

Welcome to the international students’ club of Trevecca, Namaste, run by and for international students. The club is open to all international students and any student, faculty, or staff interested in international culture. Today the word ‘international’ has a different connotation when applied to students. There are two types of international students – one, students who are in the USA only for education and return home once they are done, and two, students who were raised in the USA but whose parents migrated here. Namaste welcomes both types of international students and anyone interested in international culture!

Club Objectives

The objective of Namaste is two-fold:
1. Namaste is dedicated to help transition international students to the American culture by offering all types of support in the area of education, money, health issues, and spiritual teaching.
2. Namaste strives to educate the Trevecca community of students, staff, faculty, and administrators about international culture by hosting the annual Spring program titled TASTE THE NATIONS. The program showcases talents by international students that include songs, poetry recital, skits, scripture reading, testimonies, and food from over 10 different nations. All the ticket sales go toward the international students’ fund that is uses to help international students in times of need.

Board of Directors

Namaste is sponsored by two faculty members and students are elected to the board. The board consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer. Meetings for the club are held on Mondays/Fridays of the month at 3 PM in Mackey 106. Two major programs are held in the academic year: Taste the Nations Fall Celebration in November and Taste the Nations in April. Election for the board is held on the last Monday/Friday of April.
Sponsors – Prof. Roy Philip and Prof. Jooly Philip; President – Ms. Asia Norman; Vice-President – Samuel Iglesias; Secretary – Ms. Deanna Yodjai; Treasurer – Ms. Katerine Avila-Pastor; Public Relation Officer - Ms. Ruth Montiel; Program Coordinator - Ms. Abbie Giron

Calendar of Events (2017-2018)


Saturday 25th – Fall Freshmen Advising

Monday 27th – Returning Students’ Advising

Tuesday 28th – First Day of Classes/Opening Chapel


Monday 3rd – First meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM

Tuesday 11th – Club Rush, Boone Convocation Hall from 3 PM – 5 PM

Monday 24th – Second meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM

Friday 28th – Laser Tag Event at 6 PM


Saturday 6th – Hike to Fall Creek Falls at 8 AM

Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th – Fall Break

Monday 15th – Third meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM

Monday 15th – Spring Advising Begins

Monday 26th – Spring Advising Ends

Saturday 27th - Hike to Fall Creek Falls


Monday 5th – Fourth meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM

Friday 9th – Taste the Nations Fall Celebration (TSAC) @ 6 PM

Monday 12th – Friday 16th – International Education Week at Trevecca:

Monday 12th - Friday 16th - Expo of Countries @ 10 AM in Jernigan Lobby

Tuesday 13th – Chapel Worship in Different Languages @ 9.30 AM

Wednesday 14th - Stand Up Comedy in The Hub Show @ 7 PM

Thursday 15th - Latino Cultural Celebration @ 7 PM

Friday 16th – Bollywood Movie Night (Zelma Waggoner Performance Hall) @ 7 PM

Wednesday 21st - Friday 23rd – Thanksgiving Holiday


Monday December 3rd – Namaste Christmas Party @ 3 PM in Mackey 105
Monday December 3rd – Namaste Towers Christmas Party @ 4 PM Monday 10th – Last Day of Fall Classes

Tuesday 11th – Thursday - 13th – Fall Semester Fall Examinations

Friday 14th – End of Fall Semester


Wednesday 9th – Spring Semester begins
Monday 14th – Fifth meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM


Friday 15th – Sixth meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM
Monday 25th – Seventh meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM

MARCH 2019

Monday 4th till Friday 8th – Spring Break
Monday 11th – Fall Advising Begins Monday 11th – Seventh meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM Monday 18th – Eighth Meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM Wednesday 20th - Practice for Taste the Nations Boone 4 PM – 6 PM Friday 22nd – Taste the Nations Program in Boone at 7 PM

Friday 22nd – Fall Advising Ends

APRIL 2019

Monday 8th – Ninth meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM
Friday 19th till Monday 22nd – Good Friday/Easter Break

Monday 22nd – Final Election meeting in Mackey 105 at 3 PM
Friday 26th – Last day of classes

MAY 2019

Monday April 29th till Wednesday May 1st – Spring Final Exams

Saturday 4th – Commencement

Contact Information:

Prof. Roy Philip - (248-7711 - Boone 140)

Prof. Jooly Philip - (248-1375 - Tidwell 120)

Ms. Rebecca Merrick - (248-1259)

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