"I currently am the principal of a school and I believe I am a good judge of teachers; i thought you were good. You had good energy, you were engaging, and you made the process easy to follow." - James, S., MBA Lipscomb University

"Having you as one of my professors during this semester has been a real honor. Hope to see you again in my journey towards my degree" - Rocio, S. MHR 283

"Dr. Philip, you are such an inspiration! Your class reminded me to reflect my faith in my daily walk of life." Lauren Orton, MHR 21 Columbia

"Dr. Philip, you were an inspiration to me. I now want to dive deeper into the word of God!" - Jim Dobecki, MHR 21 Columbia

"Thank you, I really enjoyed the class!" - Lance D., MBA Online Cohort 1

"Thank you for a wonderful class and I wish you all the best" - Goran J., MBA Online Cohort 1

"Thank you for all your assistance during the courses. Blessings to you, your family, and your ministry" - Byron G., MBA Online Cohort 1

"Enjoyed your class and will suggest it others" - Corey, S., MBA Online Cohort 1

"Thank you for everything, Dr. Philip. Hopefully we will cross paths again. I wish you God's favor and blessings over your life, your family, and your career. I have really enjoyed being in your classes." - Brian A., MHR 278

"Thank you for providing a very entertaining and educational class." - Cody L., MHR 278

"Really enjoyed this class. I hope you teach it in upcoming courses." - Dr. Don G., LUPMBA 6132

"Thank you again for a rich living experience and taking time to teach us this course." - Andy D., LUPMBA 6132

"Enjoyed your energy, your faith, and your teaching style! Thanks for a great class!" - Tory S., LUPMBA 6132

"You inspired and re-invigorated me personally. Your professionalism and love for what you do was truly refreshing. I enjoyed all your devotions; they were thought provoking and I needed them." - Kenny R., MHR 283

"Thank you for investing your time and knowledge int our group. I am praying that the Lord will use you to bless others." Karen M., MHR 283
"It was a pleasure being in your class; thank you for all you did to encourage and inspire each of us." Nathan E., MHR 283
"We appreciate you and I have really enjoyed your personality and teaching." Christina, B., MHR 284